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GEPS provides planning, development, and implementation of international events in and out of Vietnam. GEPS provides a Vietnam based expatriates and Vietnamese business community gala to promote marketing, media, and network solutions and opportunities. We make corporate brands reputably known. Public and private entrepreneurs from different sectors are invited. Business activities and achievements can be highlighted and presented in a professional way allowing for networking, communication, and connections to be made across different businesses.
GICS functions as an executive, expert and technical staff recruiter in or out of Vietnam. Recruitment and retention of staff is an essential skill for CEOs and the foundation of any prosperous organization. GICS has the capability to locate and hire individuals, teams, and groups as needed by the organization, public or private. GICS is able to administer testing, screen potential employees, conduct panel interviews, group discussions, presentations, and all other pre-employment tasks required by businesses and organizations. Background checks can be conducted as well as contacting references for potential employees. GICS also conducts job fairs at universities, online job fairs, and general recruitment job fairs.
With Vietnam’s open economic system, GMIS has the ability to link investment, markets and foreign office representative opportunities to build investors’ confident and encourage investment in and out of Vietnam. GMIS is associated with numerous investment opportunities and also conducts seminars to introduce investors to business representatives.
GSMED offers in house training and education suitable of different industries and public private sectors. GSMED provides innovative short and medium term training and learning opportunities for recent graduates, experienced employees in need of new skills, executives (public and private sector), new expatriated comers, retired employees, and trainees. Training utilizes online, blended, and face to face methodologies as needed.
GBRS functions to provide corporate and social services consulting by industry/sector and outsourcing.
It is the desire of every Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to operate a successful business; however it is not easy to build an effective, sustainable company bringing value to clients. It is important to meet the needs of employees as well as generate a profit for the business. Competition is global and it is important for businesses to improve, renovate, and make decisions without hesitation. The GBRS provides solutions for effective operations and the means to reach targets and objectives. GBRS provides businesses with successful managers, researchers, and experts with in the local and global marketplace. GBRS provides staff if necessary and provides organizations with professionals from the global marketplace enabling CEOs and business to master their problems and be successful.